Bumpsta Story

The idea of The Bumpsta Protection originated, in January 2016,  as a slice in a vehicle tag.  Soon after, I saw a brand new beautiful truck with a torn up tailgate at a gas station.  I asked the young man how it happened, and he told me he had forgotten he elevated his trailer to allow it to drain.   Within seconds, he felt the sick feeling as the trailer coupler gouged into his tailgate. I went straight home and created a very rough coupler cover to minimized these damages.  After many trips to engineers, my patent attorney, trademark attorney, and some irritating bumps in the road, The Bumpsta Protection is being produced in Del Ray Beach, Florida.   We are proud to have the product made and distributed in The USA.  

The Bumpsta Protection comes in a variety of collegiate and professional sports team colors!

Protect Your Tail

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